Integrated casual
staff rostering
and management
that saves you
time and money.

Rostering and Managing Bookings

Allocation’s understands that rostering and managing bookings is about meeting the needs of your client and your staff. Allocations provides your allocator with a single view of availability, skills, preferences and locations worked for all staff who meet the requirements of a booking. Right down to matching their endorsements and preferences to that booking.

As an integrated platform, Allocations allows your allocator to more efficiently handle a greater number of bookings with reduced errors through an easy to use and intuitive interface which features colour coded bookings, data filters, and a full audit trial of all bookings.

Allocations also offers you the ability to add-value to your client relationships by grouping shifts into a roster, creating sequential shifts or rolling forward rosters to future periods so you have a complete view of all bookings. There are even audit and compliance warnings if an allocated staff member does not meet the requirements of a booking.

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