Integrated casual
staff rostering
and management
that saves you
time and money.

Payroll, Invoicing

Allocation’s presents a single view of the records and data you require to rapidly prepare payroll and invoices. As probably two of the most important, but also time consuming, functions your agency performs your ability to calculate and check your payroll and invoices in a timely manner ultimately determines client and staff satisfaction.

As an integrated platform, Allocations provides you with complete visibility of any booking or transaction, checking input records and calculations before a simple to follow step-driven process prepares PAYG statements and invoices ready for distribution via email to your staff and clients. This simplifies the preparation of end-of-year accounts and provides you with full visibility of the financial state of your business.

Allocations employs a comprehensive rate model that allows great flexibility in how employees are paid and clients are charged. This rate model allows you to setup different charge rates for each client, charge and pay rates are available based on the time of day, allowances and penalties are identified as are weekday, weekend and Public Holiday rates.

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