Integrated casual
staff rostering
and management
that saves you
time and money.

Employee and Client Management

Client and staff records are at the heart of your agency business. By offering a comprehensive range of fields on which to input staff and client information, you have a single up-to-date view of the status of clients and staff.

As Allocations is an integrated platform you also have the ability to integrate taxation, superannuation and multiple bank account details, and even produce photo ID cards directly from the system.

  • Maintain ongoing full contact and status details of your employees
    • Record and maintain permanent and ad-hoc availability
    • Up to 4 principal contacts per client with automatic linking to “Google Maps”
  • Record a list of skills for each individual allowing accurate allocation of employees to match specific shift requirements
    • Apply up to 4 mandatory accreditation checks during shift allocation
    • Record formal training, accreditation achievements and immunization details for each employee
    • Two-tiered structure (e.g. single client with multiple sites) with additional grouping capacity for reporting and filtering
  • Integrated payroll functions in a single location:
    • Full tax liability and superannuation recording
    • Maintain multiple bank accounts for splitting payment by $ amount or percentage
    • Easily record one-off or on-going additions and deductions for pay processing
  • Integrated invoicing functions:
    • Flexible invoicing functionality – charge-out rates specific to client using pre-set dollar amounts or as a percentage on-cost of employee pay rates
    • Ability to group sites on one invoice per client or generate individual invoices for each site
  • Produce ID Cards (with embedded photo) directly from the employee record
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